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Temporary Event Health Permit Application

Applications require prepayment

Temporary Event Health Permits are $50.00. Application fees will not be refunded. Inspections will be scheduled for approximately 30 minutes before the scheduled opening time. No product may be prepared or sold until inspection is complete and a permit is issued. If you need to move your event opening time or request an earlier inspection after completing this application, please call the Health Department at (816) 325-7803.

A red asterisk * indicates information that must be completed before the application can be processed.

Application Type

Is this permit for a booth space that has been acquired from the Chamber of Commerce for Santa-Cali-Gon?

Please select the statement that best applies:    

Applicant Information

*Name of Organization:   
*Contact Name:   
*Organization Address:   
*Contact E-mail:   
*Contact Home Phone Number:   
*Contact Cell Phone Number:   

Event Information

*Name of Event:   
*Date of Event:   
*Time of Event:   
*Duration of Event:   
*Event Venue Location Including Booth Number:   

Menu Information

Description of Food Service:

Other Description of Food Service: