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Heritage Commission

The Heritage Commission is comprised of nine members; two of which are ex-officio positions held by representatives of the Truman Presidential Library and the National Park Service. The remaining seven positions are appointed by the City Council.

The duties of the Commission are to:

  • Initiate, review, and recommend properties for designation as a local Landmark, Historic District, or Conservation District;
  • Establish specific design guidelines for the alteration, construction, relocation, or demolition of Landmarks or buildings within designated historic districts;
  • Review city-wide applications for all demolition requests;
  • Review all special-use permits effecting any designated property;
  • Initiate, review, and make recommendations concerning National Register nominations to City Council and State Historic Preservation Office;
  • Initiate, develop, and maintain cultural resource surveys and inventory;
  • Work with various governmental agencies on matters involving historic properties in the City; and,
  • Review Certificate of Appropriateness and Certificate of Economic Hardship applications.

The Commission makes its recommendations to the Planning Commission and the City Council.

Heritage Commission Members

MemberTitleTerm Expiration
Duane Stephens  Vice-Chair 4/1/2025
Josh Guldner  Secretary 4/1/2026
Lee Argo   4/1/2025
Robert Pruente, Jr.   4/1/2024
Deborah Twyman  Chair 4/1/2024
Cori Tharp   4/1/2026
Sam Rushay  Truman Presidential Library & Museum Advisory Member
Carol Dage  National Park Service Advisory Member