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Demolishing a Dangerous Building

With the exception of structures which present an immediate danger to the public and are required to be demolished as an emergency, any building to be demolished is reviewed by the city’s HISTORIC PRESERVATION MANAGER. Buildings which are in HISTORIC DISTRICTS or which otherwise have historic significance must be reviewed and approved for demolition by the city’s HERITAGE COMMISSION before a demolition permit can be issued.

A demolition permit is required before a dangerous building can be demolished. A plot plan which shows the location of the structure to be demolished in relationship to the property lines and neighboring structures is generally required when applying for a demolition permit.

In most cases, demolition is required to be done by contractors who are licensed and insured to work in Independence.

If the property owner demolishes a structure, a RELEASE of DANGEROUS BUILDING NOTICE will be issued to the owner. It is the owner’s responsibility to record this release with the Jackson County Recorder. Failure to record this document will complicate the ability to sell or refinance a loan for the property.