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Capital Improvements Program (CIP)

The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is a major financial, public infrastructure and equipment planning tool for municipalities.  The CIP is a long-range plan that identifies capital projects and equipment, provides a planning schedule, and identifies options to fund the projects and equipment.  The CIP provides a link between the various master plans, the City’s comprehensive plan, and the annual budget.

The CIP sets forth proposed projects for constructing, maintaining, upgrading and replacing the City’s physical infrastructure and equipment necessary for continued operations and providing City services during the next six fiscal years beginning in July 2020 through June 2026 and that further implements the vision, goals and strategies of the Independence For All Strategic Plan and Imagine Independence 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

A CIP is not a static document, but rather, a fluid document that can be changed as the infrastructure requirements change, development occurs, and funding opportunities become available.


Current Capital Improvements Plan

2022-2028 Capital Improvements Program  


Past Capital Improvements Plans

2021-2027 Capital Improvements Program

2020-2026 Capital Improvements Program

2019-2025 Capital Improvements Program

2018-2024 Capital Improvements Program

2017-2023 Capital Improvements Program

2016-2022 Capital Improvements Program