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Capital Improvements Program (CIP)

The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is one of the primary programs that implements the long-range plan for city infrastructure development. Article 12, Section 2 of the City Charter lists one of  the Planning Commission’s duties as preparing and delivering to the City Manager a report of recommended public improvements by April 1st of each fiscal year.  The Planning Commission’s role in the CIP process is to provide a recommendation of public improvements to the City Manager that further implements the Vision, Values and Priorities of the community. 

The intention of the report is to inform the public of plans for the future development or redevelopment of city infrastructure by identifying trends, recognizing issues, and providing an opportunity for  discussion by the Planning Commission, the public and department staff regarding such projects.

The CIP is structured to include different topics including Energy, Parks, Public Safety, Recreation, Tourism, Sanitary Sewer, Streets & Sidewalks, Storm Water, and Water.  The CIP sets forth proposed projects for constructing, maintaining, upgrading and replacing the City’s physical infrastructure necessary for continued operations and providing City services during the next six fiscal years.

CIP infrastructure projects address one, or more of the three focus areas of infrastructure planning:

  1. Future Needs — focus on new areas of development in Independence
  2. Maintenance — focus on existing, stable areas of Independence
  3. Revitalization — focus on existing, though less stable areas of Independence

 Current Capital Improvements Plan

 Past Capital Improvements Plan