Community Development
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Application Forms

The links below access the forms for making development application to the Planning Commission as well as the various administrative applications to the City of Independence.

Some applications require a pre-application meeting to

  • acquaint the applicant with the procedural requirements;
  • exchange information regarding the proposed development and the regulations, restrictions and requirements of the City;
  • assist the applicant in identifying any public sources of information that may aid the application;
  • review the compatibility with adjacent land uses; and
  • provide general assistance by City staff.

Before submitting an application, contact the Current Planning division at (816) 325-7415 to determine whether a pre-application meeting will be required and to schedule a meeting.

All development applications submitted shall be complete with the appropriate application fee and required information and plans before the application will be accepted. The application deadline is 4:30 p.m. on the date listed on the Planning Commission Schedule.

Application Fees


Application Forms