City Council

Harry S. Truman Public Service Award

The Harry S. Truman Public Service award is the highest honor that can be bestowed by the City of Independence. Each year the Harry S. Truman Award Commission selects an outstanding public servant, either elected or appointed from the ranks of the public servants of the City of Independence, the County of Jackson, the State of Missouri, or the entire nation, who best typifies and possesses the qualities of dedication, industry, ability, honesty, and integrity that distinguished Harry S. Truman in his years of public service.

Harry S. Truman Commission

2015 Ceremony


Year Recipient
2015 Senator Jack Danforth
2014 Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II
2013 Admiral Mike Mullen
2012 Veterans of the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars
2011 Mary Jean Eisenhower
2010 Christopher ""Kit"" Bond"
2009 William Jefferson Clinton
2008 Richard A. Gephardt
2007 Madeleine Albright
2006 Ike Skelton
2005 Walt Bodine
2004 Michael Beschloss
2003 Prof. Paul Simon
2002 Ken Hechler
2001 Senator Jean Carnahan
Governor Mel Carnahan (Posthumously)
2000 Harry S. Truman Library & Institute
1999 Jane Alexander
1998 Gerald R. Ford
1997 Sam Nunn
1996 Bill Bradley
Year Recipient (continued)
1995 Cyrus Vance
1994 Millard D & Linda C. Fuller
1993 David McCullough
1992 Robert P. Weatherford, Jr.
1991 (N/A)
1990 C. Everett Koop
1989 Mother Clara Hale
1988 Charles Kuralt
1987 John Glenn
1986 Thomas P. (Tip) O'Neil
1985 Thomas F. Eagleton
1984 Margaret Truman Daniel
1983 Coretta Scott King
Martin Luther King, Jr (Posthumously)
1982 Matthew Ridgway
1981 Jimmy Carter
1980 Clark M. Clifford
1979 W. Averell Harriman
1978 Clarence M. Kelley
1977 Hubert Humphrey
1976 Stuart Symington
1975 Leon Jaworksi
1974 Henry Kissinger