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Independence for All
Performance Measures Dashboard

This performance measurement dashboard focuses on monitoring the City’s progress toward its five-year strategic plan, Independence for All. There are four goal areas with associated measures that attempt to identify how well we are doing toward reaching the desired objectives adopted by the Mayor and City Council. The measures update quarterly, with the following colors showing the progress: Green (achieved or surpassed goal), Yellow (making progress toward goal), and Red (not making progress toward goal). Clicking on a goal will bring you to a list of measures associated with that goal, where you can further click to see the full story for each measure.

Goals (Last updated: 5/26/2021 )

Goal Fiscal Year '20/'21: Q3 Results
Improve customer service and communication.
Met or Exceeded Goal
Financially Sustainable
Ensure City finances are stable and sustainable.
(Results for Financially Sustainable Goal Measures
in Fiscal Year '20/'21: Q3 average to 0)
Increase economic prosperity of the community.
Under Goal
Achieve livability, choice, access, health and safety through a quality built environment.
Under Goal


Kristen Ayers