City Council

Audits and Memos

The City Charter establishes the City Management Analyst position to provide for the continuous investigation of the works of all departments of the City. Through performance and financial-related audits, the Managements Analyst seeks to identify opportunities to reduce costs, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and improve the management of City programs and resources.

2012 Reports

Historical Summary of Management Analyst Audits
Jackson County/City of Independence Regional Animal Shelter

2013 Reports

Report No. 12-01: Review of Fleet Management Practices
Report No. 12-02: Budget Constraint Analysis
Review of The Falls at Crackerneck Creek TIF Plan
Report No. 12-04: Review of Licensing and Permitting Process

2014 Reports

Report No. 12-05: Review of Property Code Enforcement
Report No. 14-01: 2014 Budget Constraint Analysis
Summary of Independence Power & Light Oversight Reports
Report No. 14-02: Review of City Manager's Office

2015 Reports

Report No. 14-03: Review of Sales Tax Collection and Remittal
Review of Utility Assistance Program Modifications Proposal
Report No. 14-04: Review of City Clerk's Public Records Request Procedures

2016 Reports

Report No. 16-01: Review of Succession Planning Policies
Report No. 16-02: Review of Internal Grant Monitoring and Policies
Report No. 16-03: Review of External Communications

2017 Reports

Report No. 17-01: Review of the Time in Code Compliance Process 

Report No. 17-02: Review of the Liquor and Business Licensing Administrative Hearings and Appeals Process

Report No. 17-04: Review of Police Hiring and Recruitment

2018 Reports

Memo on Credit Card User Fees

Recommendation Following Initial Review of Utility Billing

Report No. 18-01: Review of City Council's Overnight Travel and Related Travel Policies

2020 Reports

IPL Efficiencies and Effectiveness Audit