City Council

Management Analyst

The City Management Analyst is established by the City Charter and is appointed by the Mayor and City Council. This position reports directly to the City Council and exists to provide the City Council with independent and objective recommendations to improve the City government’s daily operations. To accomplish this goal, the Management Analyst conducts both performance and financial-related evaluations to review City programs and activities in terms of economy, efficiency, compliance with relevant requirements, and the achievement of desired results. The City’s Audit and Finance Committee oversees the activities of the Management Analyst on behalf of the Council.

In addition to continuously reviewing City departments, the Management Analyst is also required by City Code to review all proposed City contracts anticipated to cost in excess of $2,000,000 or scheduled to be in effect for more than 12 months and anticipated to cost in excess of $500,000. Among other things, the Management Analyst seeks to ensure that all parties have adhered to proper procedures in the bidding process.

The Management Analyst is also required by City Code to review all proposed utility rate increases for any of the City-operated utilities (Power & Light, Water, and Water Pollution Control) prior to any action being taken by the City Council on the proposed rate increases.

The Management Analyst is responsible for submitting an annual report to the City Council that summarizes the audits and activities completed by the Management Analyst during the past fiscal year.