City Council

Citizen Satisfaction Survey

City of Independence Seal 2014The City of Independence has released the results of the 2018 Citizen Survey. The survey was conducted by ETC Institute to measure the satisfaction of Independence residents with various city services. This is the ninth time the City has administered a citizen survey, with the last having been conducted in 2016. The results help the City Council determine priorities of the community.

The survey was administered by mail and online to a random sample of households in the City. A total of 700 households completed the survey, and demographics were analyzed to ensure the survey respondents were representative of the community as a whole.

City services that received the highest level of satisfaction were fire services (88%), police services (71%), City parks and recreation programs and facilities (63%), and City water and sanitary sewer utilities (61%). The three major categories of City services that citizens believe should be emphasized over the next two years are: the maintenance of City streets, City electric utilities, and police services. The top three reasons residents reported they would stay in the City for the next ten years were: the affordability of housing (61%), the proximity to family or friends (54%), and access to a variety of shopping and entertainment options (49%).

ETC Institute conducted an Importance-Satisfaction (I-S) Analysis in order to help the City identify investment priorities for the next two years to improve overall satisfaction. This analysis examined both the importance that citizens place on City services and the level of satisfaction with those services. Based on the Importance-Satisfaction Analysis, the ETC Institute recommended these three major priorities for investment in the next two years:

  • Maintenance of City streets
  • City electric utilities
  • Enforcement of City codes & ordinances

View the complete results of the citizen survey by clicking here.  The complete report includes additional information such as the survey instrument, open-ended comments, and maps of the results according to census block groups.