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Access to City Records

Some of the more frequently requested City records continue to be available on the City's website and may be accessed through the links below.

Visit the Online Services page for quick access to apply for or renew, check on, find, pay, register, report or request City services or information.

Requests for Open Records

Open City records are available upon request. The City Clerk is the Custodian of Records for the City. Formal requests for records can be made, pursuant to Chapter 610, RSMo (Missouri's "Sunshine Law").  T ensure accuracy we ask that request be submitted in writing. The form can be filled out through this web-page. This form may be used to request records through the City Clerk office.  Complete the information, including detail about the records being requested.  Because records may take time to search or staff may have questions about the request, it is important for complete contact information to be included.

There may be costs associated with the request.  Costs for Public Records Payment of estimated fees in advance of search for records may be required, as allowed by Chapter 610, RSMo (Missouri’s “Sunshine Law”).  The City’s Fee Schedule lists hourly staff time for document search or duplication time and other fees which may apply for copies of audio and/or video recordings as well as programming, and the cost of the disk, tape or other medium used for duplication.  Fees for maps, blueprints or plats that require special expertise to duplicate may include the actual rate of compensation for the trained personnel required to duplicate such maps, blueprints or plats and programming required beyond the customary and usual level to comply with a request for records.  Once payment of any applicable estimated cost is received, open public records found to meet the request will be provided as quickly as possible, pursuant to the Missouri “Sunshine Law”.


Click here to download the Records Request Form

Schedule of Fees-Records Portion approved-9/7/21