City Clerk

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Clerical Support of Council

The City Clerk supports the City Council with agenda preparation, boards and commissions appointment process, and keeping the record as the custodian of records. The Clerk also works with the Jackson County Board of Election Commissioners on city elections. More details about the responsibilities of the City Clerk may be found in the City Charter and City Code.

Records Management

As Records Manager, the City Clerk oversees several operations pertaining to City records. This division maintains a Records Management Plan for the City in compliance with Missouri Local Records Law; coordinates temporary and permanent archival storage of City records, using records management software; tracks the retention of records, according to the Missouri Secretary of State’s retention schedules; and works with departments to coordinate annual final disposition of records.

Request for Public Input

The Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce asks the public to provide feedback on the RFQ which will be issued later this fall for the Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce Visioning Work Session. Please read the RFQ here and provide feedback by emailing the City Clerk at