City 7 Television

About Us

City 7 is the government-access cable television channel in Independence, Missouri.  It's available to all Comcast cable subscribers within the city limits.  City 7 is operated  out of City Hall. Various programs from local, state, and federal governments are broadcast 24 hours per day. When videos aren’t playing on City 7, residents can keep up on the latest government news and information by watching the video Bulletin Board.

A History of Meeting Coverage

The city of Independence acquired channel 7 on June 21, 1996.  A City Council Resolution officially established guidelines for its operation and named it “City 7."

On  Monday, July 8, the City Council was seen live on TV for the first time.  For Independence residents without cable television or interested persons outside of the City limits, Council broadcasts are also available live via streaming video.  City Council meetings are available for viewing on demand on the City's website the day after they are broadcast live.

City 7’s event coverage has expanded since the first meeting broadcasts.  Other public meetings, including sessions of the Planning Commission and Tax Increment Financing Commission, are now broadcast. City 7 also broadcasts other events including the mayor’s annual State of the City Address and the annual Truman Public Service Award ceremony.

Local, State and Federal-Government Programming

City 7 staff produce informational videos seen on the channel and throughout the community.  These have included videos about sales taxes, health programs and neighborhood improvements. Other governmental agencies provide programming for City 7 as well.  For more information about the programming on City 7, visit the Programs section of this site.