City of Independence, Missouri

COVID-19: Closings/Cancellations/Postponements

You can find an overview of the Safer Independence Guidelines here.

All citizens are also encouraged to follow the City on Facebook at @CityofIndepMo, and Nextdoor for updates on this changing situation.

Citizens are now able to report their concerns via the City’s new app - IndepNow. You can download the mobile app from the Google Play Store here or the Apple App Store here.

Please note as of July 29, 2021, face masks are required in all City facilities including City Hall, Police Headquarters, Independence Utility Center, Sermon Center, Truman Memorial Building, Palmer Center, Independence Uptown Market, and the CableDahmer Arena. Exceptions to this mask requirement include:
  • Minors below the age of 5
  • Individuals who have disabilities for which masks constitute a substantial impairment to their health and well-being based upon medical, behavioral, or legal direction and for whom an accommodation cannot be made to allow business to be conducted remotely, curbside, or outdoors; and
  • Individuals who are actively engaged in consuming food or drink while remaining seated.
  • Professional athletes actively engaged in high-intensity, organized game play. Masks are required at all other times in gyms and fitness facilities without further exception.

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