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Regulated Industries Division
Business Licenses, Liquor Licenses, and Employee Permits

The Regulated Industries Division of Community Development is responsible for managing the business license, liquor license, and employee permitting application and renewal process.  The division also ensures businesses remain in compliance with city code through field inspections and administrative hearings.  If you have questions please contact regulated industries.   


"I wanted to take time to let you know much we appreciate working with you fine people at City Hall during this recent kitchen addition to 3 Trails Brewing. As a small business owner, making a decision to invest into construction is very stressful. While under construction there is never enough money, roadblocks, and questions. 

So with that being said, it is so nice having friendly, helpful, and intelligent people working at City Hall. Many times I had questions regarding the construction. Every time I emailed or called a department you were quick to respond and guided me to a solution to my problem. This has been my second construction project and I want you to know how much I appreciate you guys helping business succeed in Independence. So Thank You."

Matt Medley

3 Trails Brewing

Start-up or Small Business Owner?

Visit our business development site for information and resources for starting a business in Independence.  You can also contact the Independence Chamber of Commerce or Independence Economic Development Council for more resources.   

New Business Requirements Checklist   


Business & Landlord Licenses 

Any business operating or providing a service in Independence is required to have a Business License. This license is required before a business can begin to operate.  All business licenses are effective for 1 year from the month of issuance and renewed annually thereafter.  A few professions such as doctors, dentists, and lawyers, do not require individual business licenses however an office that employs several physicians should obtain a license. 


Apply, Renew, or Pay Outstanding Balances Online:

Apply for a Business License  Apply for a Landlord License 

Renew a Business License Renew a Landlord License Pay Outstanding Balance  


Printable applications and forms

Print a Business License

Search for a General Business License

Search for a Landlord License 


Liquor Licenses (Business) 

Businesses wishing to sell liquor in Independence must obtain a liquor license from the City of Independence, Jackson County, and the State of Missouri, and have a valid City Business License before operating.

The Regulated Industries Division coordinates the application and review process for these Liquor Licenses.  Once a completed application is made, staff will add the application to the first available City Council Meeting for approval.  Applications can be made online or packets downloaded and returned to staff.  In addition to the liquor license for the business, employees who will serve or sell alcohol are also required to obtain an Employee Liquor Permit 


Apply, Renew, or Pay Outstanding Balances Online:

Apply for a Liquor License  

Renew a Liquor License  Pay Outstanding Balance


Printable applications and forms 


Employee Permits (Liquor Permit, Peddler Permit, Taxi Driver Permit)

Certain types of employees are required to obtain an employee permit from the city in order to show they have completed a background check and/or meet other minimum requirements.  Employees who will sell or serve alcohol in Independence are required to obtain an employee liquor permit.  The approval and review process includes a criminal records check by the police department. 

Other types of required employee permits include: Peddler, Jitney Driver, Taxi Driver, Pawn Shop Manager, and Pawn Shop Owner.  For more information or to request a duplicate employee permit contact regulated industries.   


Apply Online:  

Apply for an Employee Permit


Printable applications and forms