City of Independence, Missouri

Brand Independence Committee
Resolution No. 6416


That the Brand Independence Committee will assist the City in the ongoing implementation, monitoring and maintenance of the brand, branding initiatives and outreach.

Membership Information

That the Brand Independence Committee shall consist of seven council appointments; two at large members; a representative from each of the following - Englewood Arts District, Independence Square Association, Independence Center, and Cable Dahmer Arena. Additionally, an Advisory Group of no less than two Young Professionals will be appointed. The City’s Public Information Officer will act as liaison and the Mayor will act as Council Chair of the Committee. Each member will serve for a one year term.


NameTitleExpirationAppointed By
Cable Dahmer Arena  Council
Crumbaugh, Michele 03/18/2023Mayor Weir
Englewood Arts District  Council
Frank, Lisa 03/18/2022Councilmember Hobart
House, Mary 03/18/2022Councilmember Roberson
Independence Center  Council
Independence Square Association  Council
Judy, AngieAt-Large03/18/2023Council
Lloyd, James 03/18/2022Councilmember DeLuccie
McLaughlin, Jeff 03/18/2023Councilmember Fears
Rose, MeridethAt-Large03/18/2023Council
Rowland, Mayor RoryMayor & Chair Council
Templeton, Quentin 03/18/2023Councilmember Dougherty; Councilmember Stewart
Vainovska Twidwell, Kristine 03/18/2023Councilmember Perkins
Young Professionals Advisory Group  Council

Alternate Members

NameTitleExpirationAppointed By

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