City of Independence, Missouri

Independence On A Roll Working Group Committee
Resolution No. 6383, 6402


Advancing the initiatives brought forward by the Downtown Redevelopment Coordinating Committee and make best use of city staff to bring detailed plans to the City Council for approval.

Membership Information

That the Independence on a Roll Working Group (IRWG) Committee shall consist of two council appointments; one alternate council appointment; one member representing the Independence Chamber of Commerce; one member representing the Independence Economic Development Council; and the Mayor as an ex officio. At least two council members are needed to establish a quorum. A staff liaison and work group will be designated to support the work of IRWG and develop recommendations for IRWG’s consideration.”That each member shall serve for two-year appointments or until a successor is duly qualified and appointed:


NameTitleExpirationAppointed By
Dean Wiley, LaurieIndependence Chamber of Commerce11/05/2022Council
Hobart, DanCouncilmember11/05/2022Council
O'Neill, DanIndependence Economic Development Council11/05/2022Council
Perkins, JohnCouncilmember11/05/2022Council
Rowland, RoryMayor Ex Officio Council
Vacant due to resignationCouncilmember Alternate11/05/2022Council

Alternate Members

NameTitleExpirationAppointed By

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