City of Independence, Missouri

Tax Increment Financing Commission
Ordinance No. 12226, 13802, 13838, Res. No. 6712


This Board shall serve as an advisory body to the City Council under authority of Section 99.800 - 99.865 RSMo, keep records and minutes, meet at least annually and report annually to the Council, adopt rules and regulations for operation and to designate a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary for one (1) year terms.

Membership Information

The Council appoints six permanent members to four year overlapping terms which are to expire on November 16th. Two additional temporary members are appointed by Jackson County and one additional temporary member by "other taxing jurisdictions" and then two additional members are appointed by the school district(s) effected by any plan or redevelopment project.


NameTitleExpirationAppointed By
Bruch, RonRegular Member11/16/2022Councilmember Hobart
Clifford, CalebJackson Co. Chief of Staff Co. Executive Frank White Jr.
Conley, JamesRegular Member11/16/2023Councilmember McCandless
Dankenbring, SharonFort Osage R-1 School District 
Falck, DaleBlue Springs Schools 
Finke, GregIndependence School District 
Franklin, CharlieCounty Legislator Co. Executive Frank White Jr.
Kuny, MartinRegular Member/Chair11/16/2024Councilmember Huff
Markley, Dr. AllanRaytown School District Superintendent 
Martin, DanielRegular Member11/16/2024Councilmember Steinmeyer
Mason, AaronLibrary Director and CEO of Mid-Continent Public Library 
Roberson, BlakeIndependence School District 
Ruddy, Dr. JohnFort Osage R-1 School District 
Shelton, Dr. SteveRaytown School District Associate Superintendent 
Siragusa, DebbieKC Public Libraries 
Szturo, JohnRegular Member11/16/2023Councilmember Perkins
Vacant Due to ResignationRegular Member11/16/2023Councilmember Stewart
Woolf, JasonBlue Springs Schools 

Alternate Members

NameTitleExpirationAppointed By

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