City of Independence, Missouri

Independence provides resources for long-term care facilities, begins compliance checks with restaurants, bars

Mayor Eileen Weir announced today that Independence Health Inspectors, part of the Community Development Department, are proactively providing outreach to the 17 long-term care facilities within the City of Independence. Staff are supplying information from the State. They are not entering the building, but making contact with the person in charge at each facility.

“We understand how challenging this is for families with a loved one in a long-term care facility,” Mayor Weir said. “Our staff is offering these facilities support and education, while reminding them of proper protocols for reporting any illnesses. We know the residents of these facilities are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 and are working closely with our local, state and federal partners to implement all safe practices we can in our community. During the evolving State of Emergency, I want to reassure our community that the well-being of our most vulnerable citizens is our top priority. I am hopeful that these additional measures will bring some peace of mind to those who entrust their loved-ones to the long-term care facilities in Independence.”

Jackson County now has its first presumptive positive case. Beginning today, March 17, City staff will be monitoring restaurants, bars and taverns, to ensure that they are following the guidelines set forth by Mayor Weir under the March 12, 2020, State of Emergency and City Code Section 11.12.004. This prohibition will be strictly enforced. 

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