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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Where can I view adoptable pets online?

You can view our adoptable pet by clicking here.

How can I meet an adoptable pet that I have seen online?

Call 816-325-7207 (option 2) or email  You can request to meet a specific animal you are interested in, or if you are unsure, you can request additional information on a pet that would best complement your family.  Scheduling an appointment is preferred to reduce your wait time and ensure we have staff prepared for your visit. 

What are the fees to adopt a pet from the shelter?
  • Dogs over 8 months: $125 - $200
  • Puppies: $200
  • Cats over 8 months: $50
  • Kittens: $125
  • Rabbits: $45
  • Other Small Animals: $10 - $45
What is included in the adoption fee?

Dogs are spayed or neutered, dewormed, tested for heartworm, microchipped and are given flea and heart worm preventative.  Dogs over 4 months of age are also given a 1-year rabies vaccination.

Cats are spayed or neutered, dewormed, tested for feline leukemia (FeLV), microchipped and are given flea preventative.  Cats over 4 months of age are also given a 1-year rabies vaccination.

What other expenses should I expect at the time of adoption?

For everyone's safety, all dogs must have a properly-fitted collar and leash to leave the shelter, and cats must be in a secure carrier.  We have a nice selection of collars, harnesses, leashes, crates, cat carriers, toys, litter boxes, litter, food and other supplies available in our retail store.  Our retails supplies are competitively priced and make it convenient to do your shopping at the time of adoption so you are all set to take your newly adopted friend straight home to avoid stressful trips to purchase supplies immediately following adoption.

I need resources to help feed my pet.  How do I reach the pet food pantry? 

The shelter can provide dog or cat food for residents that are struggling to feed their pets. The food is meant to be supplemental and is limited to residents of Independence and unincorporated Jackson County.  We ask that those in need please call to schedule a pick up time at 816-325-7207 (option 2) to ensure staff and supplies are available when you arrive. 

Are pit bulls still not allowed in Independence?  If so, why do you have them available for adoption at your shelter?

Pit bulls are not allowed within Independence with very few exceptions (see SEC 3.03.006 at City Code - City of Independence, Missouri).  Because our shelter adopts out to residents from our region, including municipalities where pit bulls are allowed, we are able to have pit bulls on-site and adopt them out to families in nearby jurisdictions; however, we do not adopt them to residents of Independence.

What services do you offer?

We are a municipally-operated shelter, serving the residents of Independence and unincorporated Jackson County.  We provide sheltering services, trap-neuter-release programs, and animal control field services for the same areas. 

I found a lost pet. What should I do?

All healthy stray animals are taken in by appointment only. Most stray animals are not homeless or abandoned; they are simply exploring their neighborhood.  In fact, studies show that most stray animals are found within 1000 feet from their home 85% of them return home on their own.  The chance of an animal being returned to their owner drops to approximately 17% for animals taken to an area shelter.  That means if you have taken custody of a pet, you have the greatest chance of reuniting a lost pet with their owner.  We recommend posting photos and a description on social media and checking with neighbors to see if they recognize the pet.  If the owner cannot be located, please call 816-325-7207 to schedule an appointment to bring the animal in.  Check out our Found Pet Page for information on how you can reunite a found pet with the owner.  

What donations do you need?

 Our biggest need is canned cat and dog food, dog and cat toys, and pet treats.  We provide warm, soft beds for all our pets and are always in need of gently used blankets and towels.  Our staff works hard to provide enrichment for every shelter pet every day, so donation of peanut butter, canned tuna, hot dogs, canned chicken, cream cheese, Cheerios, large dog biscuits are much appreciated.  Additionally, we accept may other items such as Kong dog toys and other puzzle activity feeders, Dawn dish soap, paper towels, leashes, collars, pet shampoo, peroxide, alcohol, etc.  Donations are accepted seven days a week, 7 am - 6 pm.  They can be left near the west side doors if staff are not immediately available. 

Can I volunteer at the shelter? 

To volunteer at the shelter, please reach out to our volunteer coordinator at  Please note that volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and undergo training before handling the animals.  Check out our Volunteer Page to find out how you can get started.




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