Water Pollution Control

Environmental Tip of the Month

Only Rain down the Storm Drain

            Water Pollution Control is placing “No Dumping” placards on storm drains to remind citizens that water entering storm drains flows directly to streams, rivers and lakes. To date, 187 placards have been attached to storm inlets in selected areas of the City. While storm drains are designed to divert water from streets, they become water polluters when harmful substances from lawns and streets flow through them. Some common contaminants in storm water include lawn chemicals, pet waste, household chemicals like paint, and soaps used for washing cars. Products advertised as “biodegradable” are not typically safe for our waterways either – even small amounts of chemicals entering storm drains can affect water quality.

            The City’s “illicit discharge” ordinance prohibits dumping or discharging substances other than storm water into storm drains.

            To help prevent storm water pollution, follow these simple tips:

  • Never discard trash or yard waste down storm drains or in the street.

  • When mowing, discharge toward the yard, not the street.

  • Sweep driveways and sidewalks clean – remember not to sweep into the street.

  • Pick up after your pets.

  • Never place used oil in the trash or pour down storm drains. Visit www.recyclespot.org to find the nearest oil recycling center or call 816-474-TEAM.

  • Wash your car at a commercial car wash or in a grassy area; not on a driveway or in the street.

  • Dispose of toxic household and lawn chemicals at a household hazardous waste collection center or mobile collection.

  • To report spills, illicit discharges, and storm water quality problems, call the storm water pollution hot line, 325-7727.

For more information call WPC, 325-7711 or visit www.ci.independence.mo.us/wpc.