Water Pollution Control

Electrical Safety After a Major Storm

Although the wind and rain have passed, major health and safety hazards remain. Serious injury can result for anyone dealing with the aftermath of a major storm, so play it smart and be overly cautious.


  • Beware of outdoor hazards. Watch out for loose or dangling power lines, and report them immediately to Independence Power & Light at (816) 325-7550.

  • Be sure all electric and gas services are turned off before entering the premises for the first time. If you have to step in water to get to your electric box, call a licensed electrician.

  • Electrical equipment should be checked and thoroughly dried before being returned to service. Make sure the electric power is off, remove covers from outlets, fuses or breaker boxes, thoroughly dry and spray with contact cleaner/lubricant.

  • Watch for electrical shorts or live wires. Do not turn on lights or appliances if there is a chance for short circuits - have a licensed electrician check the system.

  • Electric motors in appliances that have been flooded should be thoroughly cleaned and reconditioned before they are put back into service.

  • Click here to find out more about coping with power outages.

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