Water Pollution Control

Public Education

The Water Pollution Control Department uses a wide variety of methods to present information about services and programs provided by the Department. For information about any of the following educational methods, please call our Administrative Office at (816) 325-7711.

Educational Articles

The Department publishes articles on wastewater treatment, sanitary and storm sewer maintenance and repair, the household hazardous waste program, protection of the environment, and pollution prevention in local newspapers and the CityScene, a monthly newsletter for citizens which is included as an insert with utility bills.

City 7

A channel for the broadcast of public meetings and information is provided by the local cable TV provider. The Water Pollution Control Department has selected special videos about wastewater treatment and pollution prevention which are shown on a scheduled basis. Announcements about upcoming events are also shown.


Tours of the Rock Creek Waste Treatment Facility are offered to the public year round. School groups, engineering students, private citizens, and other agencies are welcome to learn more about our wastewater treatment plant.

School Presentations

Presentations to grade school students in the classroom are done by staff members on request. Topics are wastewater treatment, pollution prevention, sanitary and storm water sewers, and the household hazardous waste program.

Available Brochures/Literature

The Department offers brochures and pamphlets, free of charge, to the public about the following topics:

A Clear Commitment to Clean Water