Public Works

N. Liberty, Kentucky #2 and Dickinson Force Mains

Project Name: N. Liberty, Kentucky #2 and Dickinson Force Mains
Location: Liberty north of Jones to Colonel Dr./ Dickinson Rd. to Noland Rd. north of Fisher Rd., N. Pleasant, 37th St. N. to Kentucky


This contract consists of four (4) alternate bid options.  Depending on which alternate the contractor chooses, this contract provides for, but is not limited to, approximately 6,611 LF to 7,411 LF of 4" to 8" forcemain (via Pipe Bursting, HDD, and/or Open Cut); various size and type manholes (3 each); 2" type 3 asphalt surface course (240 SY to 650 SY); 8" PCC concrete base (240 SY to 650 SY); 60 LF of 72" chain link fence; 2 acres seeding; 100 SY sod; 1,775 LF of erosion control fence; various quantities of traffic control devices, and all appurtenant work for the completion of the project.  Specific quantities and work items related to each bid alternate can be found in the Proposal section of the Contract Specifications.

The project offers the Bidder a choice of four different Bid Alternates.  The Bidder shall submit a bid for only one of the Bid Alternates.

Invitation to bid

This project is 100% complete.

Start Date: 9/24/14
Contractor: Leath & Sons
Contact Person: Jennifer Gaffney 816 347-1140

Last Report Date:
Project Status: Complete