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US 24 Highway & MO-291 Highway Sanitary Sewer Improvements

Project Name: US 24 Highway & MO-291 Highway Sanitary Sewer Improvements
Location: From Salisbury Rd. to U.S. 24 Hwy. along Cogan Rd.

This contract provides for, but is not limited to, 8’ PVC (2,100 l.f.), 12” PVC (4,875 l.f.), 24” Bore and Casing (420 l.f.), Various Size and Type Manholes, (34 each), 4” PVC Laterals (9,220 l.f.), 2-Way Service Line Cleanouts (79 ea.), 4” Wye Connections (79 ea.), Rock Excavation (100 c.y.), Asphalt Surface Course –Type 3 Asphalt (8,850 s.y.), Cold Milling (8,850 s.y.), Concrete Base (8” PCC)(4,500 s.y.), Parking Lot Replacement (1,200 s.y.), 42” Chainlink Fence (200 l.f.), 6’ Wood Privacy Fence (180 l.f.), Barb Wire Fence (315 l.f.), Seeding (2.4 ac.), Sod (9,200 s.y.), Erosion Control Fence (3,395 l.f.), Business Sign Replacement (2 ea.), Septic Tank Decommission (60 ea.), Residential Grinder Pump (1 ea.), and all appurtenant work for the completion of the project.

Update: This project is 100% complete.

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Duration: 120 days
Contractor: Holt House Construction
Contact Person: 
Shar Dilmaghani
, 325-7611

Last Report Date:
Project Status: Complete

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