City of Independence, Missouri

City issues statement in response to State Audit of Independence Event Center CID

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – Zach Walker, City Manager for the City of Independence, today issued the following statement in response to the Independence Event Center CID State Audit Findings.

“Earlier this year the Independence City Council approved a new strategic plan, Independence for All, which has a focus on fiscal sustainability and transparency. The boards, committees and commissions throughout the City are helping implement this effort in all areas. The Board overseeing the Independence Event Center CID is an important part of this effort.

The City of Independence is proud of the growth and economic impact the Independence Events Center CID has made possible over the last decade. The Board continues to work to ensure that this CID is helping the City grow while balancing the business needs of the facilities and those of the taxpayers who make them possible. It will take the administrative fee findings outlined in the State Audit under advisement and will review the current agreement with the City to determine if the costs are still appropriate according to staff time and work output.

In addition, it should be known that after the completion of the project, protocols were put in place to ensure that any capital improvements will be approved by the Board before implementation. We feel strongly that it is important to ensure a strong City presence in the future of this area as it is our taxpayers who support it.

Finally, the City of Independence would like to thank State Auditor Galloway for both her valuable insights for continued improvements and the findings made that support our strong financial management of these resources.”