City of Independence, Missouri

Scam Alert: Letters, emails, videos attempting to use Federal Reserve Bank Routing numbers are scams, may result in unpaid bills, fines


INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – The City of Independence would like to warn citizens of a known scam in which a citizen may receive a letter, email or video that asks them to pay a fee to use their social security number and a Federal Reserve Bank Routing number to pay bills from a trust.


“Unfortunately we know of about half a dozen citizens who have fallen victim to this scam,” Independence Water Department Director Dan Montgomery said. “The Independence Utility Center Customer Service team has alerted these customers and now we wish to help inform others to keep them from falling victim.”


The Federal Reserve Bank of New York in a release on this scam clarified that “Federal Reserve routing numbers are used for sorting and processing payments between banks.” This means individuals who attempt to use these scam trusts to pay bills may end up with unpaid notices and late fees.


“Scams like this are all too common and the individuals behind them continue to find new ways to trick good people out of their money,” Chief of Police Brad Halsey said. “We encourage our citizens to always ask questions before you provide personal information and to contact the appropriate service provider if something sounds suspicious or seems too good to be true.”


If you believe you have fallen victim to this scam, please call the Independence Police Department at (816) 325-7300.