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Tree Pruning Policies

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  1. Independence Power & Light has the responsibility to maintain proper tree clearance in order to minimize interference with the City electrical system.
  2. Trees located near high voltage lines will be pruned by IPL periodically to maintain a minimum side clearance of 15 feet. Limbs overhanging lines or growing directly under lines shall be removed. Trees will not be topped.
  3. Trees growing around main distribution lines will be pruned by IPL to maintain effective clearance. Tree limbs which overhang main distribution lines shall be removed. Trees located directly under main distribution lines shall be removed, unless they are low growing ornamental or fruit trees.

    Trimming trees near service lines (ie. the line from the power pole to the house) is the responsibility of the property owner. For safety reasons, service lines may be dropped by IPL free of charge allowing the property owner to do extensive trimming or removal. Call IPL Dispatch at 325-7550 to arrange for the service line to be dropped.

    Trimming debris from IPL trimming will be removed and yards will be raked except when the debris is from a dead tree or the result of storm trimming. Clean-up of storm trimming debris is the responsibility of the property owner.

  4. IPL contracted tree crews will be pruning trees for line clearance, using acceptable arboricultural practices.
  5. Trees will be removed to the ground, leaving as little of a stump as possible. If stump is accessible by pickup truck it will be ground. Brush will be removed, yards will be raked of debris and all wood will be cut into fireplace lengths. Upon request, unwanted wood will be removed by IPL. Trees which require removal shall be replaced on a one to one basis in easements and two for one basis outside easements, at IPL expense, according to the guidelines of our tree replacement program.

    (Please note that tree debris clean-up following storm trimming is the property owner's responsibility)

Benefits to the Customer

Independence Power & Light, through an effective Tree Pruning Program, provides reliable, high quality electric service to customers.

Tree pruning reduces the possibility of downed power lines under storm conditions and therefore minimizes the chance of personal injury and property damage. The clearing of electrical lines also insures the safety of children, who could accidentally come in contact with energized lines while climbing trees.

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Independence Power & Light is charged with the responsibility of electrical system tree clearance. Through proper directional pruning, trees can be kept clear from electrical lines, while insuring their continued health. Trees which must be removed may be replaced with a species of tree which is acceptable to both IPL and the property owner.

When planting a tree on your property, you should consider the future impact that may exist if power lines are present. Questions should be directed to IPL. A tree planting guide entitled: "The Right Tree In The Right Place" is available upon request. This brochure gives valuable information regarding proper planting techniques.

For more information, call 816-325-7557 or 325-7559

IPL Tree Pruning Brochure