National Frontier Trails Museum

Teacher Resources

Planning Your School Visit

Our basic school tour includes our award-winning film, “West,” and a Museum Educator-led tour through the gallery exhibits. Students will see artifacts associated with people who traveled the trails, including an original Conestoga wagon. School tours last one hour and 15 minutes. 

School Tour Fees

The fee for each student and chaperone is $2.50. For each class, one teacher is admitted free. One teacher/chaperone per class required. Rate is for groups of 15 or more.

Museum Tour/Wagon Ride Combination Tickets

In coordination with Pioneer Trails Adventures, the National Frontier Trails Museum can offer students an opportunity to tour the museum and also experience a ride in a wagon pulled by Missouri mules. The fee for each student is $7.50 and $10 for each adult chaperone. An additional half-hour is required for the wagon ride and museum tour.

Tailored Programs

We can also arrange special emphasis tours focusing on Lewis and Clark, Santa Fe Trail, Oregon Trail and California Trail can be arranged. Swales (wagon ruts) walks are also available to students.

Teacher Resource Packets

After booking a tour of the museum, teachers will be sent a resource packet that includes timelines, discussion questions, inventories, primary sources, and glossaries that can be copied and used in the classroom prior to the study visit. You may also download the following discussion questions, Santa Fe Trail vocabulary sheets, and “Pack Your Wagon For San Jose” from this site.

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Traveling Trunk Program

"Santa Fe Trail" Teacher Resource Trunk, grades 4-8

Investigate the Santa Fe Trail and examine the materials used by Anglo-American, American Indian, and Mexican traders. Artifacts, lessons, and other resources are provided for classroom use. The trunk is offered free of charge through the Santa Fe Trails Association and is available for two weeks.

“Exploring with Lewis and Clark” Teacher Resource Trunk, grades 4-8

Reproduction artifacts, prints, maps, furs and lesson plans help bring the experiences of the Corps of Discovery to life. The fee for trunk use is $25.00 for two weeks.



To plan a visit, reserve a traveling trunk, or coordinate a special program, contact Leah Palmer, events & education manager, at (816) 325-7576 or email