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Citizens’ Police Academy

What is the Citizens’ Police Academy?

In 1992 the Independence Police Department implemented the “Citizens’ Police Academy”. The academy was developed in an effort to inform and educate members of the community on the inner workings of their police department, while building on an already solid relationship with the community. The Citizens’ Academy offers participants a front row seat, provided directly from the officers serving their community, at the internal workings, goals and values of the Independence Police Department.  Participants in each session commit to meeting for three hours (6pm-9pm) on Thursdays, for ten weeks, to learn about each aspect of the department. The Spring 2016 session begins March 3rd.

What is the purpose of the Citizens’ Police Academy?

First and foremost, the purpose and goal of the Citizens’ Police Academy is simply understanding. It is the police department’s desire that every member of the academy develop a better understanding of the goals of the police department as well as the challenges that face the department on a day-to-day basis. The citizen’s police academy will provide class members with an inside look at each unit within the department, operation of the individual units and the duties performed by the members of these units. Academy members will not only receive instruction in a classroom type setting, they will also participate in actual hands-on practical exercises. This “first hand” look offers citizens the opportunity to see these challenges for themselves, gain an appreciation and understanding of the issues facing the police department, and even offer their own suggestions and advice for a possible resolution.

Who presents the classes at the Academy?

Instructors are officers and civilian personnel from the various specialized units within the police department. These instructors present materials and demonstration from their various fields of expertise. The academy is coordinated through the department’s Community Services Unit.

What topics are covered in the academy?





Your application must be completed fully and either returned to the Police Department’s Information Desk (Central Police Headquarters at 223 N. Memorial Drive), can be mailed to the address, or emailed to bpope@indepmo.org. You will be notified if you are selected to participate. The classes are limited to 25 positions and will be afforded in the order we receive completed applications from qualified candidates.

Please click here to apply online or click here to download the information sheet and application. 
A criminal history check will be conducted on each applicant before they can be accepted into the academy. Applicants cannot have had any felony convictions, DWIs, or Drug convictions in the last five years. I authorize the Independence Police Department to conduct a criminal history check.


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