Police Department

Training Opportunity for Police Officers

Conducting Police Officer Involved Shooting Investigations

Course Dates
: September 9-11, 2013

Course Location: Bass Pro Shop Conference Room, Independence, MO

Course Instructor: Chief Russell Fischer, Miami-Dade Division Chief

Training Audience, Format and Content

This course is intended for those investigators who are specifically assigned to the criminal investigation of officer involved shootings and in-custody deaths. It is also appropriate for those detectives or uniform personnel who may be required to assist in these types of investigations. Crime scene technicians, medical examiner/coroner investigators, supervisors, military investigators, criminal analysts, and prosecuting attorneys would also benefit from the training.

The course is conducted in 2½ day sessions. Instruction is provided through the use of a PowerPoint presentation that makes liberal use of authentic crime scene photographs. This insures that the topics discussed are portrayed as realistically as possible. Numerous handouts and video tapes are used as instructional aids.

Day One:

· Definitions of Deadly Force / Model Use of Force Policies

· The Use of Force Matrix

· In-depth Examination of Notable Cases (Amadou Diallo, Russell Weston, Ruby Ridge, etc.)

· Landmark Court Decisions (Garner v. Tennessee, Graham v. Connor, Garrity v. New Jersey, etc.)

· Lethal Force Statistics

· Why Is the Investigation So Important?

· Who Should Conduct the Investigation?

· Fait Accompli

· The Shooting Team Concept

· The Three Phases of a Lethal Force Investigation

· Proper Procedures at Police Shootings

· How to Handle the Shooting Officer

· The Role Of Internal Affairs

· The Police Shooting Checklist

· Interviewing Witnesses and Witness Officers

Day Two:

· The Police Shooting Crime Scene (Mincey vs. Arizona )

· Perceptual Distortions

· How Subjects Are Shot in the Back

· How to Prepare for the Grand Jury or the Inquest

· Multi-jurisdictional Investigations

· In-depth Examination of Gunshot Wounds (Contact, Intermediate & Distant)

· The Autopsy (Pattern Injuries, Coup / Contra Coup, Surrender wounds, Defensive Wounds, Supported Wounds, etc.)

· Suicide By Cop

· In Custody Deaths (SICDS, Cocaine Psychosis, Excited Delirium, etc.)

· Pepper Spray / Hog Tying Deaths

· Dealing With the Media

· Post Shooting (Post Traumatic Stress disorder)

· Non-Lethal Alternatives to Deadly Force

Day Three (½):

· The Dark Side of Officer Involved Shootings

· Unfounded Shootings

· Shooting At Moving Vehicles

· Shootings of the Mentally Ill

· Shots Fired...Officer Down (The Officer as a Victim)

· When Police Officers Commit Murder

· Case Studies

Students should be forewarned that the content of this course contains numerous death scene photographs that are highly graphic and intense. Due to the sensitive nature of this material, attendance is restricted to sworn law enforcement personnel, or those directly involved in the criminal justice system.

Chief Russell Fischer

Chief Russell Fischer has been employed by the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) for 32 years. He joined the MDPD in 1975 and was promoted through all the civil service ranks presently holding the rank of Division Chief. He has diverse experience in police management, investigations and operations to include command assignments in the Robbery Bureau, Northwest District and City of Miami Lakes as well as having served as the Police Captain of the Professional Compliance Bureau, Narcotics Bureau and Economic Crimes Bureau.

Since his appointment as Chief in 2004, Chief Fischer’s responsibilities have included commanding employees assigned to Miami International Airport, Police Operations Bureau (Port of Miami and Transit), Community Affairs Bureau, Warrants Bureau, Court Services Bureau and Special Patrol Bureau. Chief Fischer presently commands Criminal Investigations, responsible for all Departmental investigations that involve the Homicide (Officer Involved Shootings and In Custody deaths), Robbery, Sex Crimes and Domestic Crimes Bureaus. Until recently, Chief Fischer served as the Incident Commander for Super Bowl XLI and was the Department Hurricane Coordinator.

He holds a Master of Science Degree in Management and a Master of Public Administration Degree from the University of Miami. Chief Fischer is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He has authored articles for the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin (LEB) and Police Chief Magazine (IACP) and provided instruction in a variety of topical areas for the International Association of Chie of Police and instruc ted at the Metropolitan Police Institute in Miami and Miami-Dade College.


Conducting Officer Involved Shooting Investigations

Course Location: Independence, MO

Course Dates: September 9-11, 2013

Course Times: 0800-1700 hours (last day, finished at noon)

Course Fee: $225.00

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