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Tap Water Consumption

Tap Water Consumption is Healthy and Economical
By Larry D. Jones, MPH
November 6, 2012

If you asked a group of elementary school students, they could tell you that the body is made up primarily of water. We are all taught early on how important water is for our bodies, yet so many of us are ignoring what we know and not consuming enough water.

To continue functioning, the body needs to replace almost of gallon of water every day. Our body uses water to regulate our temperature, protect our brain and nervous system, rid our body of waste and toxins, and protect our joints. Dehydration is one of the most common causes of headaches and loss of energy, so drinking plenty of water before you feel thirsty is key. In fact, because water has no calories or fat, it is a much healthier alternative to reaching for a soda, which will only lead to further dehydration and tooth decay.

But when you reach for a glass of water, where will it come from? Your tap? A bottle?

Citizens of Independence are fortunate to have one of the best-tasting and safest drinking water supplies in the nation. The City of Independence Water Department supplies water to about 250,000 people and 11 wholesalers from wells located at the Courtney Bend Water Treatment Plant. Even with a large number of customers, the Water Department performs over 50,000 tests per year to ensure the quality and safety of the water.

And all that hard work to produce a quality product has paid off. In fact, the City of Independence was proud to take home the bronze award at the 22nd Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting in February. Yes, that’s right—the City of Independence’s water was ranked 3rd in the world for taste. It has also consistently met or exceeded the federal guidelines for water quality and safety.
Therefore, to save money, protect the environment, and keep healthy in these tough economic times, consider purchasing a refillable bottle to carry around with you. You will save money and keep this life necessity within easy reach.

Another money saving idea—when dining out, consider ordering water instead of a sugary beverage. This should not only save you money but also help reduce the total calories for your meal and protect your teeth from decay. This should make you, your doctor, and your dentist happy.

Information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the City of Independence Water Department, and the City of Independence Health Department.