Fire Department

Warning Siren Locations

The Emergency Preparedness Division is responsible for warning citizens of severe weather or pending disaster through the City's Warning Siren System. Tests are conducted at 11:00 a.m. the first Wednesday of every month weather pending.

Siren #Location
1 25th Street and Hardy
2 Dodgion and Gudgell
3 100 N. Pearl
4 24 Hwy and Dakota
5 37th and Delaware
6 Independence Ave. and Evanston
7 35th Street and Lee's Summit Road
8 21500 E. Truman Road
9 23rd Street and R.D. Mize Road
10 Noland Road and Sue Lane
11 E. Truman Road and Ann
12 35th Street and Sterling
13 Mechanic and Lacy
14 19009 Susquehanna Ridge
15 R.D. Mize Road and Iva Drive
16 39th Street and Crackerneck
17 40 Highway and Norfleet
18 Salem East and Blue Mills*
19 40 Highway and Kendall
20 39th Street and Selsa
21 43rd Street and Phelps
22 23rd Street and Crysler
23 Truman Road and Claremont
24 40 Highway and Valley View Rd.
25 3303 R.D. Mize Road**

*owned and maintained by Fort Osage Fire Protection District
**owned and maintained by the City of Blue Springs 

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