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Independence City Council approves new Comprehensive Plan


INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – Following a two year-long review and public engagement process, the Independence City Council tonight approved a new comprehensive plan. “Imagine Independence: Comprehensive Plan 2040” identifies the vision, values and priorities of the City for the next 20-25 years.

“The City has been operating with an outdated comprehensive plan that limits our opportunities for growth,” Mayor Eileen Weir said. “This is a document we use in nearly every pitch to potential businesses, developers and more. I am excited about the new plan, the vision it includes and most importantly the many people from our community who provided feedback to shape how the citizens want Independence to look and function.”

While “Imagine Independence” includes several key goals found in the City’s five-year strategic plan, Independence for All, it is important to note these documents have different purposes. A strategic plan helps guide the City and focus resources to meet key goals. A comprehensive plan is similar, but its main focus is on the physical development of the community over a longer period of time. 

Here are some of the key changes:

  1. The new comprehensive plan replaces the previous plan’s 15 chapters with an easier to read sections format highlighting five key areas: Community Identity, Business and Jobs, Neighborhoods and Housing, Facilities, and Land Use.
  2. Key goals, strategies, measures and guiding principles are outlined to help guide decision making.
  3. Following citizen and stakeholder feedback the previous 25 land use categories have been cut to 13. 
  4. The plan puts a focus on increasing housing and populations resulting in an increase in planned residential land uses.
  5. The plan calls for more industrial developments, resulting in an increase in industrial land uses.
  6. The plan calls for more mixed land uses and subsequent increases in this category as well.
  7. Finally, it updates all current numbers, forecasts and trends related to the City including population, population projections and demographic data.

Citizens are able to read the approved plan at