City of Independence, Missouri

Holiday Wreath of Photos

we need your pictures

In the spirit of the holidays, the City of Independence is creating a special wreath to celebrate our community. But we need your help.

Our vision is to create a giant wreath from photos submitted by Independence residents. Upload a picture of your family, friends, children, local work team, organization, church family or club. With help from Corporate Copy Print, we’ll print your photos and arrange them around a custom-built, three-foot wreath. No flowers, fruits and twigs here – just pictures of people from Independence.

photo wreathThere's no cost to you, except the short time it takes to submit a photo at the link below. You can submit a photo directly from your phone or from a computer. Our goal is to print 500 pictures.

After that, consider yourself invited to the Mayor’s Christmas Tree Lighting on Dec. 6. We’ll put the wreath on display there, as well as at the Mayor's Christmas Carnival and Mayor's Christmas Concert on Dec. 7 and 8, respectively. Or step in to City Hall through the end of December to find your family’s spot on the wreath.button - submit your photo

With your help, we look forward to sharing the final result. Thank you for participating.

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