City of Independence, Missouri

City of Independence Signs Open Data Policy


In partnership with the What Works Cities Initiative and support from the Sunlight Foundation, the City of Independence joins cities around the country with an Open Data Policy to be in effect immediately.  Under the Open Data Policy the City provides large sets of data such as building permits, business licenses, property maintenance violations, and restaurant inspections for public dissemination.


“We are excited to solidify our commitment to making data accessible through our open data policy,” said Technology Service Director Mark Baumann.  “By publishing key City datasets to our residents we become more effective and more accountable.  This policy encourages more transparency between the City and its citizens.”


Those interested may access the large data sets in several ways: view on the City of Independence website or downloaded as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  Software developers can also access the data sets in programs by using the provided web services.  With the Open Data Policy in place, a regular schedule will be put in place for reviewing all data that is collected and using it to help prioritize city projects.  Current datasets are available for public access on the City of Independence