Water Department

History of the Water Department

water building

Independence Water Works Company in the 1880's

On April 4, 1883, the Independence City Council granted a franchise to the Independence Water Works Company, a private water company. The water plant was built on the Missouri River at the Wayne City landing site. The franchise was granted to David Ireland, John Harrison, and Charles S. Crysler.


old water tower

1884 North Main Water Tower

North Main Water Tower (24 Highway and Main) was constructed in 1884. It was a circular, brick water tower 55 feet high and 21 feet in diameter with a wooden standpipe 30 feet high. In May of 1995, it was dedicated as a National American Water Works Association Historic Landmark. There are only 11 National AWWA landmarks in Missouri. North Main water tower was rebuilt after the wooden portion (top 30 feet) burned down after being struck by lightning.


1954 study led to the new plant

1954 Study led to new Courtney Bend Water treatment plant. The new plant used groundwater from wells rather than water from the Missouri River. Today, the Courtney Bend Water Plant has 42 wells on both the north and south sides of the river.