Water Pollution Control

Storm Drain Placards:

Water Pollution Control has a new program which will send a reminder to keep pollutants out of our streams and waterways.  Three different placard designs are available. They will be placed on storm drains throughout the City and each will carry a written reminder -  No Dumping-Drains to Stream (with a jumping fish); No Dumping-Drains to Creek (with a frog); and Only Rain Down the Storm Drain (with a storm drain inlet and raindrops).

Dumping litter and hazardous materials into storm drains is harmful to our enviroment.  Anything that is washed down a storm drain is not "treated" before it reaches a stream or river.  This means that fertilizers, pesticides, oil, antifreeze, paint, grass clippings, household waste (such as fast-food wrappers, paper/plastic cups, cigarette butts, etc.) pet droppings, or any other waste on streets and sidewalks go directly into a nearby stream, river, or lake. 

These pollutants are picked up as water (rain, snow melt, lawn watering, car washing, etc.) drains from streets, parking lots, and lawns and enters the storm drains located throughout the City.  Basically, anything dropped or dumped on the ground or in the gutter contributes to storm water pollution.  Most of our rainwater travels through gutters, storm drains, and grassy swales, then eventually into nearby streams, lakes, and rivers.

The placards help remind residents to prevent water pollution and protect our environment.