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Rodents After a Storm or Flood

After a storm, many rodents are displaced from their natural habitat. As a result, these animals seek areas which provide them with food and shelter. The new rodent havens could be sheds, barns, or any structure. Damaged structures provide easy access to rodents. The unwanted, unwelcome pests can cause health problems and property damage.


Rats & Mice

  • As soon as possible, remove all debris that could provide protective cover for rodents from houses and buildings. Keep lawns and fields mowed to a low level to eliminate cover for rodents. Openings into buildings around water pipes, electrical wires, vents, and doors should be closed with 1/8 inch mesh hardware cloth and/or sheet metal.

  • Remove any potential food source, such as household trash, dog food in bowls outside, or other foods that might attract mice and rats..

  • Poisonous baits or anticoagulants are effective in mouse and rat control. Snap type traps are effective in capturing nuisance rats and mice. Successful baits include whole kernel corn, peanut butter and oatmeal, and oatmeal paste. Traps should be checked each day and the carcasses disposed of in a safe, sanitary manner.


  • Squirrels can be prevented from climbing onto roofs by encircling trees and poles with two-foot wide collars of metal six-feet off the ground. Metal sheets should be attached using encircling wires held together with springs to allow for tree growth. Trees should be trimmed to prevent squirrels from jumping onto roofs. Close openings to attics and eaves to houses and buildings with heavy 1/2-inch wire mesh or sheet metal. Ledges and eaves can also be treated with a repellent.

  • Traps, including No. 0 or 1 leghold traps, box traps, and cage traps will catch squirrels. Regular rat-size snap traps will catch flying squirrels. Good baits are slices of orange or apple, walnuts or pecans - out of the shell, peanut butter, and sunflower seeds.

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