Water Pollution Control

Article 8
Sec 7.08.007
Miscellaneous Provisions

A. The City may adopt reasonable charges for reimbursement of costs of setting up and operating the City's storm water management program which may include:

1. User charges; and
2. Charges for storm water discharge permit applications, including the cost of processing such applications; and
3. An annual permit charge; and
4. Charges for monitoring, inspection, and surveillance procedures, including the cost of collection and analyzing an industrial user's discharge, and reviewing reports submitted by industrial users; and
5. Charges for reviewing and responding to pollution prevention and spill control plans and procedures and construction; and
6. Charges for filing appeals; and
7. Other charges as the City may deem necessary to carry out the requirements of this Article and/or the City's storm water management program. These charges are separate from all other charges, fines, and penalties chargeable by the City.

Bills for such charges may be added to the person's next scheduled sewer service charge, and the Director shall have such other collection remedies as are available for service charges as set forth in Article 7, including but not limited to termination of water service.

B. If any provision of this Artlcle is invalidated by any court of competent jurisdiction the remaining provisions shall not be affected and shall continue in full force and effect.

C. In the event of a conflict between this Article and any other existing provisions of law or ordinance or rules or regulations previously adopted pursuant to law, where this Article imposes a greater restriction than the requirements imposed by such existing provisions of law' ordinance, rules or regulations, the provisions of this Article shall control. This Article does not preempt Federal or State law but, rather, may impose requirements more stringent than those otherwise required as a minimum pursuant to Federal or State laws or regulations.

D. Notwithstanding any other provision to the contrary, nothing in this Article or elsewhere in the City's storm water management program shall be deemed to be a legally binding commitment under the Clean Water Act, 33 U.S.C. 1251 et seq., the Missouri Clean Water Law, Sections 644.006 et seq., RSMo, and applicable regulations (40 CFR Parts 122, 123, and 124 and 10 CSR 20-6.200), as may be amended from time to time, for the City to undertake storm water management or enforcement activities beyond the minimum otherwise required by these laws and regulations. Nevertheless, the City maintains its discretionary authority to undertake storm water management and enforcement activities beyond the minimum required.

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