Water Pollution Control

Article 8
Sec 7.08.001

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LAND DISTURBANCE, OR EARTHWORKS, means any activity that changes the physical condition of the land surface, including but not limited to grading, grubbing, clearing, excavation, filling, removal of vegetation, and storage of materials.

LANDFILL means location where waste materials are deposited on or buried within the soil or subsoil. Included are open dumps and landfills built and/or operated prior to the passage of the Missouri Solid Waste Management Law as well as those built and/or operated since.

MUNICIPAL SEPARATE STORM SEWER means a conveyance or system of conveyances including roads and highways with drainage systems, municipal streets, catch basins, curbs, gutters, ditches, paved or unpaved channels or storm drains designated and utilized for routing of storm water, creeks, streams and tributaries which:

1. Does not include any waters of the State as defined in this Section; and
2. Is contained within the municipal corporate limits or is owned and operated by the City; and,
3. Is not a part or portion of a combined sewer system; and
4. Is not a part of a POTW.

MUNICIPAL SEPARATE STORM SEWER SYSTEM or MS4 means the City's system of municipal separate storm sewers as defined in this Section.

NONDOMESTIC SOURCE means any person who discharges or causes or allows the discharge, either directly or indirectly, into the City's POTW, into the municipal separate storm sewer system or into waters of the State of nondomestic wastes.

NONDOMESTIC WASTES means the wastes from industrial processes (including wastes from any sources identified as industrial users as defined in this Section), wholesale or retail trade or business (including food preparations concerns and businesses operated from a residence), as distinct from domestic or sanitary wastes. Nondomestic wastes may also include storm water associated with industrial activity as defined in this Article and/or storm water associated with land disturbance activities subject to erosion control permitting requirements under City Code.

PERSON means any individual, firm, company, association, society, corporation, group, partnership, copartnership, joint stock company, trust, estate, governmental entity or any other legal entity, or their legal representatives, agents or assigns. The masculine gender shall include the feminine, the singular shall include the plural where indicated by the context.

POLLUTANT means any filter backwash; dredged spoil; solid waste; incinerator residue; sewage; garbage; sewage sludge; munitions; chemical wastes; biological materials; radioactive materials; heat; wrecked or discarded equipment or materials; rock; gravel; soil; sediment; sand; dirt; dust; construction materials and wastes, including natural rock and soil overburden; animal waste; vegetation; yard waste; significant materials as defined in this Section; nondomestic, domestic, municipal, and agricultural wastes; and any other solid, liquid, or gaseous substance, material, or waste that is discharged into water or that has the potential to enter into any waters conveyed by a municipal separate storm sewer or into waters of the State.

POLLUTION in this Article means contamination or other alterations of the physical, chemical or biological properties of any waters conveyed by a municipal separate storm sewer or of any waters of the State, including change in temperature, taste, color, turbidity or odor of the waters, or discharge of any liquid, gaseous, solid, radioactive or other substance into any waters conveyed by a municipal separate storm sewer or into any waters of the State which will or is reasonably certain to create a nuisance or render the waters harmful, detrimental or injurious to public health, safety or welfare, or to domestic, industrial, agricultural, recreational or other legitimate beneficial uses, or to wild animals, birds, fish or other aquatic life.

POTW (denoting Publicly Owned Treatment Works) means the treatment works as defined by Section 212 of the Act (33 U.S.C. 1292) which is owned by the State or a municipality, including any devices and systems used in the collection, storage, treatment, recycling, and reclamation of sewage or industrial wastes of a liquid nature and any conveyances which convey wastewater to the POTW wastewater treatment plant. The term also means the municipal entity having jurisdiction over the discharges to and from such a treatment works.

PUBLIC STORM SEWER means a municipal separate storm sewer as defined in this Section which is owned by the City.

PUBLIC SEWER means a sewer that is owned by the City of Independence.

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