Water Pollution Control

Article 7
Sec 7.07.006
Terms of Payment

A. All bills for the use and service of the wastewater treatment system shall be due and payable at such place as the City Council of the City may from time to time specify. The Director of Water Pollution Control shall be responsible for rendering such bills and shall, when reasonably possible, provide a combination utility billing which shall include the charges for the services of the wastewater treatment system, water utility and such other services as may be provided from time to time. The Director of Water Pollution Control shall establish a due date for utility billings.

B. It shall be the duty of the Water Utility Director, with proper notification from the Director of Water Pollution Control, or other authorized representative, to discontinue water service of all persons for failure to pay any amounts properly due for sanitary sewer service charge delinquencies, deposits, additional deposits or other charges, appropriately billed.

Sec 7.07.007
No Wastewater Treatment Service Free of Charge

Wastewater treatment service shall not be furnished free of charge to any customer or user, thereof.

Sec 7.07.008
Customers' Right to a Hearing

A. Customers must apply in writing for an alteration, modification or elimination of the rate being charged, or for a refund. Such notice must contain a statement outlining the necessary facts and conditions which would allow the customer a change in the rate charged or a refund. Such written notice is to be sent to the Director of Water Pollution Control who will designate the opportunity to be heard.

B. If the customer is not satisfied with the initial finding, he/she may request in writing within 10 days a hearing before the Director of Water Pollution Control. The Director will make findings of fact and issue the City's final decision. If the customer's request is granted, the adjustment shall be retroactive to the date when the charges first occurred. All refunds will be first applied as a credit against any balance due with any remainder being refunded by City check.

Sec 7.07.009
Reconnection of Sewer Service

A. No person shall reconnect a sewer service, without written permission from the Director of Water Pollution Control, when such service has been disconnected for non-payment of a sewer service bill.

B. Any person found to be violating this section provision shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be imposed a fine of not less than Fifty Dollars ($50.00) or more than Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00).

Sec 7.07.010
Surcharge for Wastewater of Excessive Strength

A. Nondomestic users are subject to a surcharge of wastewaters of excessive strength if the user's wastewater contains pollutants concentrations greater than 400 mg/1 COD or greater than 250 mg/1 suspended solids. When, in the opinion of the Director of Water Pollution Control, the strength of a nondomestic discharge is best characterized by a BOD concentration, the Director may substitute BOD for COD for the purpose of surcharge. The BOD surcharge will be based on strengths greater than 225 mg/1. The nondomestic wastewater strength shall be determined by the pollutant concentrations as established by the Standard Wastewater Identification Table. This table shall be approved by the City Council and filed with the City Clerk.

B. The surcharge shall be computed by using the summation of the following formulas for COD (or BOD) and suspended solids.

a. S(COD) = 0.0000625 x Va x R(COD) x (COD-400 mg/)
b. S(BOD) = 0.0000625 x Va x R(BOD) x (BOD-225 mg/1).
2. S(TSS) = .0000625 X Vax R(TSS) x (TSS-250 mg/1)
3. S(Total) = S(COD) or S(BOD) + S(TSS)
4. The symbols and letters used in the previous formulas shall mean:
a. COD = Chemical oxygen demand in mg/1 as defined in Section 7.06.001.
b. BOD = Biochemical oxygen demand in mg/1 as defined in Section 7.06..001.
c. S(COD) = Amount of surcharge based on COD
d. S(BOD) = Amount of surcharge based on 5-day BOD.
e. S(TSS) = Amount of surcharge based on suspended solids.
f. S(Total) Total surcharge.
g. TSS = Suspended solids in mg/1 as defined in Section 7.06.001.
h. Va = Monthly volume of wastewater in cubic feet.
i. 0.0000625 = Factor for converting milligrams per liter to pounds per cubic feet.
j. R(COD) = Rate per pound of COD based on schedule of sanitary sewer rates.
k. R(BOD) = Rate per pound of BOD based on schedule of sanitary sewer rates.
l. R(TSS) = Rate per pound of TSS based on schedule of sanitary sewer rates.

C. Justification for adjustments to surcharge shall be studied and reported in the form of an analytical report generated by a laboratory acceptable to the City and submitted to the Director of Water Pollution Control. Sampling and analysis shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions in Section 7.06.011. The cost of sampling and analysis and special sampling devices used to determine adjustments shall be borne by the user. All surcharge adjustments shall be reviewed annually by the Director.

D. If the wastewater from an establishment is subject to surcharge, components of the discharge shall be reviewed by the Director of Water Pollution Control in accordance with Section 7.06.009. The owner of any nondomestic establishment may, if so desired, treat the wastes from such establishment so as to reduce either the excess suspended solids or COD, or both to normal levels before discharging such wastes into the public sanitary sewer for a reduction or elimination of the surcharge.

E. No statement shall be construed as preventing the City from sampling and analyzing any user's wastewater and surcharge more or less than the listed or adjusted value.

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