Water Pollution Control

Article 7
Sec 7.07.001
Collection of Sanitary Sewer Service Charges

A. The City of Independence, Missouri, shall collect sanitary sewer service charges for the use of and the services provided by the wastewater treatment system. Such charges will be collected from the owners or occupants of each lot, parcel of real estate, or building which:

1. is connected to the wastewater treatment system; or

2. discharges wastewater of any type either directly or indirectly into said wastewater treatment system; or

3. is not connected, but has water service connected and current consumption as well as said wastewater treatment services available to such property. Under this provision, any owner or occupant of a property which has services available will be charged the rate as defined in Section 7.07.003. It is the responsibility of the customer to notify the City that a property is not connected to the public water system.

"Available" as used in this section is defined to mean public sanitary sewer services are provided by the City of Independence, Missouri. The Director of Public Works/Engineering will determine "availability" in accordance with Chapter 17, Article 11, Section 17.11.002, considering all relevant factors, including but not limited to the following: The elevation of the property, the composition of the subterrain, the effect such connection will have on the surrounding system, and the public health and welfare.

B. Sanitary sewer charges are hereby established at a rate sufficient to recover the costs of operation and maintenance, including the replacement, of the wastewater treatment system of the City. Also, they may be used to pay principal and interest on sanitary sewer bonds; for the fulfillment of agreements authorized by the City Council of Independence and finally for any improvements an extension to the system. To provide for such replacement of wastewater treatment equipment, the actuarial determined depreciation amount will be set aside annually in the Sanitary Sewer Fund. This amount is based on a projection of the anticipated long-term replacement needs of the City's Wastewater Collection and Treatment System. The projection will be reviewed and updated (as necessary) as part of the annual review of the entire User Charge System. The amount that will be set aside annually shall represent a uniform annual deposit necessary to meet identified replacement needs as they occur.

C. All revenue from the base and volume charges shall be deposited in the Sanitary Sewer Fund. The Sanitary Sewer Fund accounts shall be segregated from all other City Funds.

Sec 7.07.002.
Statutory Requirements

The City Council of the City of Independence, Missouri, hereby finds and determines that the rates, fees and charges for the use and services of the wastewater treatment systems are hereinafter specified are necessary and adequate at this time to meet the requirements of Section 250.010 to 250.250, inclusive, of the Revised Statutes of Missouri.

Sec 7.07.003.
Sanitary Sewer Rates

A. A schedule of sanitary sewer rates duly adopted by ordinance upon the recommendation of the Water Pollution Control Director shall govern the charges to be made by the City for sanitary sewer service rendered by the City Water Pollution Control Department.

B. A schedule of sanitary sewer rates, as amended from time to time by the City Council, shall be kept on file in the office of the City Clerk and shall be available for public inspection during all regular business hours.

Sec 7.07.004.
Provisions for Sanitary Sewer Service Charge Adjustments

If a substantial part of the wastewater discharge of a commercial or industrial user is not discharged into the public sanitary sewer; or if in a particular case, special circumstances make the application of sewer rates and charges inequitable when applied, then, the City Council of the City shall have the right to modify the foregoing rates, and may enter into contracts which shall provide for equitable charges for wastewater treatment services.

Justification for adjustments to water consumption shall be studied and reported in the form of an engineering report, and submitted to the Water Pollution Control Director. The cost of engineering surveys or reports, or special metering devices used to determine any adjustments shall be borne by the user. All agreements for adjustments of water consumption previously approved by the City Council and all future agreements shall be reviewed annually by the Director.

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