City of Independence, Missouri

Celebrate July 4th In Independence

The City’s annual July 4th celebration with traditional patriotic music and fireworks is scheduled for Monday, July 4 at the Mormon Visitors Center, 937 W. Walnut. The gates will open at 8 p.m. The Spirit of Independence Community Concert Band will begin playing at 8:30 p.m. and the fireworks display begins at dark. The public is invited to bring lawn chairs and/or blankets for seating. Sponsors of the event are the City, the Mormon Visitors Center and Truman Presidential Museum and Library.

Fireworks Safety

To insure a safe celebration, the Independence Fire Department reminds you to be educated about the proper use of fireworks in Independence.

  • All fireworks purchased through approved vendors inside the City will be screen and approved prior to sale. Citizen should be aware that some fireworks purchased outside of the City may be illegal to discharge in Independence.
  • Possession, discharge, storage, or handling of bottle rockets, aerial missiles and similar devices, sparkler bombs, or any altered or combined fireworks is not permitted in Independence.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult

Fire Chief Sandra Schiess offers the following tips for a safe July 4th holiday:

  • Purchase and use only consumer fireworks (1.4G rated fireworks)
  • Keep any stock or storage of fireworks away from the shooting area, any crowd or building
  • Understand all manufacturer’s instructions before discharging fireworks
  • Discharge fireworks only on a level and clean surface cleared of all combustibles such as dead grass or leaves
  • Wear snug-fitting clothing and safety glasses while discharging fireworks
  • Secure fireworks according to manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to discharge
  • Stand clear of any possible path of fireworks when lighting the fuse
  • Be prepared for fireworks to misfire or have an unplanned reaction during discharge
  • Have a fire extinguisher or water source such as a garden hose ready to use in case of emergency
  • Immediately discard any fireworks that fail to ignite on the first attempt – never try to relight them
  • Discard used or malfunctioning fireworks safely by soaking the fireworks in water until completely saturated. DO NOT REMOVE from the water. They must remain wet. Contact the Bureau of Fire Prevention at 325-7121 for further disposal information. NEVER put fireworks in the trash.