City of Independence, Missouri

Winter Weather in Independence

Updated: 10:06 a.m. Friday, January 19, 2007


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As winter weather affects the area, the City of Independence has provided information for you to stay safe.

Power Outages

IPL offers online resources for citizens to prepare for potential outages and stay safe during outages.  To report a power outage, call 325-7550.

Road Conditions

Independence streets are divided into four categories, first, second, and third priority, and residential. Priority streets are treated or plowed during all storms until safe driving conditions are achieved. First Priority Streets move traffic in and out of the City, lead to and from hospitals or places for food and shelter, and are avenues for emergency vehicles. All crews are responsible for keeping these streets open throughout the storm and will not be sent to Second Priority streets until the First Priority Streets are safe for travel. Second Priority Streets are through housing additions leading to or crossing the First Priority Streets. This pattern places most citizens within three blocks or less of a street that has been opened or treated within a reasonable length of time, depending on conditions. Third Priority Streets are residential streets that have known problems, such as steep hills and bad intersections or dead end streets with a hill and only one way out. First, Second and Third Priority Streets are treated or plowed during every snow or ice storm. Residential Streets are plowed or treated only during the regular work day unless it is an ice storm or there has been more than four inches of snow fall.

Is it a City street?
Some streets within the city are private. They belong to the business or housing development and are not maintained by the City. Also, streets such as 23rd Street which is actually Missouri Highway 78, are not maintained by the City. The Missouri State Highway Department is responsible for all traffic signals, potholes and right-of-way clean up on roadways such as Highways 291, 24, 40 and 78 and Interstate 70.