City of Independence, Missouri

Health Department Early Childhood Asthma Initiative

Project Completed

The City of Independence Health Department received American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding in the amount of $35,333 through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. The funding provided asthma education, indoor air quality assessments and consultations for child care centers and families of children with asthma in the child care setting.

In Missouri, children less than 6 years old are the most likely to require emergency room or inpatient services for uncontrolled asthma and are more likely to suffer complications from H1N1. The funding received addressed the medical, environmental and social factors which contribute to the well-being of children with asthma.

The Independence Health Department provided asthma education and consultation services to parents/caregivers of children ages zero to five that live in Independence. Along with consultations the Health Department provided on-site indoor air quality assessments utilizing air quality monitors to measure carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature for child care facilities.
This grant and related programming has ended.


More Information

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