Finance Department

Purchasing Staff

Russell M. Pankey, CPPO, CPPB

Purchasing Manager
(816) 325-7091

Tom Conrow, CPPB

Procurement Specialist
(816) 325-7092
Major areas of responsibility: City Clerk, City Manager, Community Development, Finance, Fire, Health, Parks & Recreation, Police, Public Works, Water Pollution Control, architectural and engineering services, fuel, and vehicle purchases.

Richelieu Sese, CPPB

Procurement Specialist
(816) 325-7090
Major areas of responsibility: Finance, Human Resources, Law, Municipal Court, Power & Light, Tourism & National Frontiers Museum, Technology Services, and Water. Also purchases computer hardware/software, office supplies, furniture, and printing.

Crystal Greer

Assistant Procurement Specialist
(816) 325-7093
Major areas of responsibility: Document storage/retention, price agreements, and surplus property.