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2011 Neighborhood Storm Drainage Improvements

Project Name: 2011 Neighborhood Storm Drainage Improvements
Location: Various locations


This contract provides for, but is not limited to, the necessary grading, 2,256 feet of storm sewer pipe, 7 curb inlets, 13 field inlets, 5 junction boxes, 316 square yards of street repair, driveways, sidewalks, riprap, 4,497 square yards of sod, fencing, erosion control and all appurtenant work for the completion of the project.  Project No. 70131105

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This project is 100% complete.

Contractor:  V.F. Anderson
Contact Person: Shar Dilmaghani, 325-7611
Notice to Proceed: Nov: 17, 2014

Last Report Date:
Project Status: Complete