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Fairmount Multi-UseTrail, Phase 1

Project Name: Fairmount Multi-UseTrail, Phase 1
Location: S. Arlington St. from E. Morrell Ave. to Kentucky Ave.


This contract provides for, but is not limited to, installing approximately 545 SY of concrete trail with integral curb, 43 SF of concrete sidewalk, 243 SY accessible ramps, 153 SY asphalt pavement repair, 564 SY concrete driveways, 4 curb inlets, 3 junction boxes, 2 grate inlets, 1021 LF of storm sewer pipe, and associated silt fencing, inlet protection, riprap, sodding, traffic control, and all appurtenant work for the completion of the project.  Project No. 70110807

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This project is 100% complete.

Start Date: August 24, 2015
Contractor: Terry Snelling Construction
Contact Person: Shar Dilmaghani, 816 325-7611

Last Report Date:
Project Status: Construction