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Bellevista Neighborhood Channel Improvements

Project Name: Bellevista Neighborhood Channel Improvements
Location: East side of Noland Road between E. Linwood Ave. and E. Linwood Terr.

This contract provides for, but is not limited to, the required unclassified excavation (1,360 c.y.), gabions (813 c.y.), 18' D50 riprap (211 s.y.), 6" concrete driveway (9 s.y.), 42" chain link fence (684 l.f.), 6' wood privacy fence (142 l.f.), temporary straw wattle erosion protection (1,450 each), turf reinforcing mat (428 s.y.), erosion control blanket (428 c.y.), native plug plantings (2,193 each), vinca minor planting (14 s.y.), tree 2" diameter (36 each), shrubs (142 each), sod (4,000 s.y.), and all appurtenant work for the completion of the project.

Design is 95% complete.
Acquisition is 100% complete.

Contractor:  VF Anderson
Contact Person: Shar Dilmaghani, 325-7611

Last Report Date: 4/16/2014
Project Status: Construction

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